Each outing includes

  • Pick up and drop off your dog at your home
  • One-hour off-leash walk
  • Healthy snacks and fresh water
  • Positive reinforcement of basic obedience and recall
  • A daily log with the time your dog was picked up and dropped off, including reports on behavior and/or health
  • A happy and well-exercised dog!

How it all works

  1. Contact Patricia (patricia@woofgangdogwalking.com) I’ll give you a call so we can chat on the phone or over email about your dog’s basic personality and discuss walk details (rates, where you live, your dog’s walk schedule).
  2. We set up a home visit (at no charge) to meet you and your dog, chat further, and fill out some paperwork. If all goes well…
  3. We set up your dog’s first walk. If it’s a good match, a service contract is signed, and the adventure begins.